Dishwashers! Requested by one of our readers Monica

Cleaning / Maintaining your dishwasher

Empty your dishwasher completely
If possible remove the screen or filter near bottom of washer above the drain. This screen catches large food articles before they go down the drain. See the owners manual for instructions on how to remove this screen. Cleaning this drain will help prevent the dishwasher from becoming clogged and backing up.

Basic semi-monthly cleaning – 
Use a dishwasher safe bowl filled with clean white vinegar. 
Put this vinegar on the top rack. 
Check holes in sprayer arm for debris
Ensure arms still move freely 
Run on HOT

To remove odours?
Sprinkle bottom of appliance with Baking Soda
Run hot rinse cycle

Mold or mildew that won’t come off? 
On bottom rack place a bowl with 1/2 – 1 cup of bleach and run a full cycle.
**** DO NOT use bleach on STAINLESS STEEL***

Repeat every few months to add years of service to your dishwasher and keep it clean, smelling fresh and running well.

– Before starting your dishwasher turn the hot water on in the kitchen sink until it runs hot. Then start the dishwasher. This will help the dishwasher get hot water right away and require less demand to heat the water with the element.

– If your sink fills with water when you run the dishwasher then the drain is likely blocked 
You can use Draino in the drain but don’t put it in the dishwasher itself as it may harm the pump and seals.

If you’re unsure always consult your owners manual. If you can’t find it, it is likely available online. Have any questions! Need some help? Give Paul a call or text at 587-583-5495

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