Toddlers and the Toilet!

Little Henry is ready for potty training! Yay!  A milestone! However, now he has a new interest…the toilet! If you have little ones you know quiet can be ominous…and then you find him, trying to flush his trucks down the toilet!  If you’re a parent you’ve been there!  But, once you realize something is stuck down the toilet drain, what can you do?

Get your gloves on and grab some old towels…here we go!

1 – Scoop almost all the water out of the bowl

2 – If you can see the toy, try to pull it out….if that doesn’t work, it’s time to get a little more intense!  You will need some tools…

3 – Plunger – make the first plunge gentle as the cup of the plunger is still full of air.  Now begin firmly pushing the plunger up and down as rapidly as possible. It’s important not to be too forceful, as this may cause damage to the toilet bowl.  Allow just enough water to remain in the bowl to completely cover the cup or rubber part of the plunger.  This may release the toy so you can take it out or it may push smaller items down the drain and the remaining water will drain out of the bowl.  If that doesn’t work…

4 – Auger (snake) – if the blockage is not released by the plunger, you will need to get an auger into the drain hole in the toilet.  Insert the Auger Cable into the toilet.  

  • Get a water closet auger or a snake. This is not a regular toilet snake; there are some differences. There’s a steel cable inside the tube and a crank-handle. This snake has an open, coiled head that is used to “hook” the toy down the toilet, and pull it out. Others are designed to push and grind through the clog, which might loosen it to float down the drain.
  • While you’re cranking, you will feel the head hit the item, turn it a few more times and pull the cable out while keeping pressure on the crank. Ideally, you will have hooked the toy and brought it up. 
  • Make sure everything works. Do a test flush and then do a couple more test flushes with wads of toilet paper to ensure it goes down and stays down.
  • If your toilet begins or is about to overflow, turn of the water supply at the shut-off valve.  You can also take the lid off the tank and lift the float.  

Note:  Don’t try using a coat hanger or any other type of wire apparatus to catch or push the clog as this may damage your toilet.

Paul the Plumber!

If you still having troubles or you don’t have the tools required to fix the problem don’t hesitate to give Paul a call at PMC Plumbing.

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Clogged Sink or Tub Drain (Nasty but true!)

Do you have a slow draining tub or sink?

Tub: To fix your tub unscrew the knob on top of the drain. Then use a flat head screwdriver to undo the drain.  You may need an allen key to undo the screw below the drain plug. Then pull out the drain and all the hair that gets caught in  the drain assembly.  Clean the drain assembly and then put the plug back in and tighten gently with your screwdriver.   

Sink:  Hair usually gets caught in the stopper of your vanity sink.  Under your sink there is a nut in the back that connects the lifting rod to the stopper. Unscrew that nut, pull the lifting rod out and pull the stopper out of your sink. This typically is where hair will collect.  Remove all the hair and replace the stopper.  Make sure the lifting rod operates  the stopper and then do up the nut. Hand tight is usually best. Check for leaks under your sink.  

With these two easy steps your sink and tub should drain a lot better. If not give Paul at PMC Plumbing a call and we will help you out!

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