Touch or Motion Activated Faucets

Recently we have had a few calls about touch-sensor or motion-activated faucets not working quite right.  These products are making their way into our homes more and more.  When they work, they are great but what if they stop working?  It’s always great if you can trouble shoot things yourself first as this will save you both time and money! 

When one of these faucets is not working the first place to check is the batteries.  Replace these batteries as required.  Some faucets may have a red light that will flash indicating that the batteries are getting low and will need replacement soon.  Some faucets may have a reset button close to the battery compartment.  If so, press this to reset the faucet after replacing the batteries.  Many do not have this reset and simply replacing the batteries will work.  Battery life in these faucets is quite long.  Typically 1 year with double A and 2 with C batteries. 

If you still aren’t getting any water flow out of the faucet, first make sure the handle is in the “On” position.  Next, make sure the water supply lines are turned on.  Double check the sensor wire and make sure it is connected. 

Another issue that some homeowners are having is the pull out seems to get stuck and not move freely.  This can be simply the hose is caught on something that is underneath your sink.  Make sure the hose can move freely by keeping the area clear.  Also, it is important not to let the weight on the hose hit the solenoid.  Over time this can damage the solenoid and it will need to be replaced. 

If, after checking the batteries, supply lines, sensor wire and making sure the faucet is in the “on” position you are still having troubles it may be the solenoid that needs replacing.   If this seems like a bit too much then give Paul a call at 587-583-5495.  He loves this stuff!