2020 Trends: Rubbed Oil Bronze / Venetian Bronze

These dark finishings are adding a beautiful, eye catching touch to kitchens and bathrooms this fall. These finishes add a traditional, contemporary yet rustic modern touch to your beautiful new space. They are typically made of a very stylish and durable steel that will last for years, no matter what design style they are paired with. Venetian bronze is made of spot resistant material, making a great fixture for your tub and shower. They are very easy to clean, but avoid using harsh chemicals. The best and safest cleaning method is vinegar diluted with warm water and a soft sponge.  Avoid using anything that could scratch the finish ie, steel wool, scrubbers, harsh cleansers etc.  Rubbed Oil Bronze is typically a darker matte finish and Venetian Bronze is typically lighter in colour. 

Delta Venetian Bronze (left) and Moen Oil Rubbed Bronze (right)

Regardless if you have Rubbed Oil Bronze, or Venetian Bronze they will both add a unique, long lasting and low maintenance beautiful look to your home. For tips and tricks on incorporating this growing trend to your home leave a comment below or DM us for more information. 

As always if you have any questions call Paul, he loves this stuff! 




Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. renovation!

This is a slightly different type of post from PMC Plumbing! We had a busy day roughing in new bathrooms and kitchen for the Airdrie P.O.W.E.R building. Airdrie P.O.W.E.R stands for Protecting Our Women with Emergency Resources and their goal is to provide help for women and children to leave their abusive relationships with resources, education and empowerment. One of our suppliers, Bartle and Gibson, is also helping out with all the materials needed for this job. A huge shout out to Bartle and Gibson and especially to Airdrie P.O.W.E.R. for making a difference in our community!

Below are some photos of the rough-in stage for the Shelter in Airdrie!

When the project is done we will update this post with the finished photos!


PMC Plumbing, a local Airdrie business.