Tip of the week 
Water testing 
Do you live in the city or are you on a well or a co-op? If you live in the city you will have very hard water which can cause white water deposits called calcium. This calcium buildup can be hard to get off over time and may even stain your glass surfaces permanently. In order to fix this we can put in a water softener to help control the minerals in your water.

If you live out of town and have a well or a co-op water treatment system there are many different minerals that you may have in your water. If you have a high iron content or high magnesium this could cause the fixtures to become stained and smell badly. There are many different filters that you can use to help alleviate the problems with your water but first you need to know what’s in it and how high the constructions are of the minerals.

Call Paul with PMC Plumbing for a water test and complete work up of your system and we can get you set up so that your house has good drinking water and will not be harmful to the fixtures in your home. This will also keep them looking great and lasting as long as possible.

Below is a well system that we tested recently and we added in a filtration system for the iron and the other particles that were in the water.

Paul Challen 

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