This rod is one of the most important parts in your water heater. It takes on all the damage caused by the water so the tank stays in good condition. Having a healthy anode rod reduces the amount of sediment in your tank which may help reduce your energy bills! Water likes to attack the steel-lined tank so these rods are made of a more corrosive material like magnesium, aluminum or zinc. This rod will completely erode away before the water starts attacking your tank. This rod should be checked every 3-5 years. If you have any of the following things happening get your anode rod checked or replaced:

Water heater makes loud noises 
Water heater pan is collecting water
Faucet aerators are clogging more easily
Increased heating bills
Gritty, smelly or sandy water
**Water softeners may accelerate the corrosion on your anode rod

Steps to replace the anode rod:

TURN POWER OFF – circuit breaker or gas supply
Close the cold water valve
Run a hot faucet in the home to release pressure
Connect a hose to the drain at the bottom of your tank then open the drain valve on the heater and drain about 8-10 L of water from the tank
Use a wrench to loosen the hex nut on the rod
Pull the rod out of the tank, be careful as it may still be hot
Wrap threads on the new rod with teflon tape 
Insert the new rod into the tank and tighten – note the rod can be shortened with a hacksaw
Flexible rods are available for tanks in small spaces
Turn on the hot water faucet for 1 minute, then turn the cold water supply back on to the tank
Check for leaks
Turn the power or gas valve back on. You may need to relight the pilot light depending on your tank. Follow instructions in the user manual.
Check back the next day for any leaks around the new anode rod.

The rod is in different places on different tanks. Some tanks have combo rods. Check your owner’s manual.

Combination anode rod and hot water supply

As always, if this sounds like more than you want to do…and you’re just not sure. Call Paul, he loves this stuff! #pmcplumber #calgarybusiness#airdriebusiness #corrosion #hotwatertanks

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