In recent years steam showers have really become very popular!  Rain-Shower Heads, Body Sprays and Temperature Controls can work together to make a very relaxing, rejuvenating shower after a long day at work.   Specialized lighting and even sound can be added to improve the overall affect and give that luxury feeling all in the comfort of your own home!

These high-quality Steam Showers can be added to most bathrooms while renovating the shower.

How do Steam Showers work?  There is a digital control in the shower stall that will trigger a valve to fill a small generator (about the size of bread box)  with approximately 5L of cold water.  Then, similar to plugging in a kettle, the element in the generator heats up the water to the boiling point.  The vapour is then piped to the steam head in your shower.  This will fill your shower with warm, steamy moisture.  The temperature of this vapour is set by you.  

The addition of an aromatherapy head makes the experience even more luxurious.  If you already have a steam shower installed in your home but did not opt for the aromatherapy head at the time of install, most manufactures have options that allow it to be added afterwards. Some popular scents are:




Tea Tree

My shower isn’t very big.  Will it work in my small shower?  The minimum recommended shower size for a steamer to work well is 36” x 36” x 7’.  This still allows enough space that you won’t have to stand or sit right in front of the steam outlet head. 

Go green with a new steam shower!  Typical showers use about 50L of water but a 30 minute steam shower uses just 8L of water. 

Aside from feeling great, steam showers with aromatherapy can provide relief from nasal congestion, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, inflammation, low energy, some skin conditions and muscle tension.  Plus, you’re entire bathroom will smell amazing long after your shower!

It’s strongly recommended that these units be installed by a qualified journeyman plumber.  If you are interested in having a steam shower in your home give Paul a call at 587-583-5495 or email us at   

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