There are 3 primary types of heaters:  Forced Air, Radiant and Convection.  The two choices that work best in Alberta are natural gas forced air heater which uses a fan similar to a furnace in your home and radiant tube.  Both of these options will require a gas line installed and a permit for inspection by the city.   They also require an electrical hookup by a qualified electrician .

Working in your garage during our cold Alberta winters can be chilly but not if you have a good garage heater!  These heaters provide energy smart warmth to help get work done during winter.  In Alberta, natural gas is the most economical/common choice.  These units offer mid-efficiency heating with a good balance between upfront installation costs and monthly operating costs. 

Today we are talking about natural gas, forced air. 

These units usually attach to the ceiling, however some can be attached to the wall.  Most have adjustable thermostats, built in safety features and some with remote control options. They work best in a garage that is well insulated in the walls and ceiling.  Without good insulation heat & money will be wasted.  Outside drafts that easily enter the garage will affect performance, so good fitting insulated doors will help with efficiency and save you money. 

We typically install Hot Dawg natural gas-fired garage heaters.  They provide:

These heaters come in a variety of sizes.  The size needed will depend on the area being heated.  A general guide is approximately 85-110 btu per square foot.  The newer and better insulated the building is, the less Btu’s will be required.

  • 10 year warranty on the heat exchanger
  • Quiet operation
  • Lightweight
  • Low profile design
  • Approved for residential and commercial use
  • Unit sizes range from 30,000 BTU – 125,000 BTU (Small residential to Larger Commercial)

Some examples of radiant tube heaters would be Reznor and Sunstar

Give Paul, owner of PMC Plumbing, a call. We always have our gas heaters inspected and our price will include the cost of the gas permit and inspection by the city.  We provide free onsite estimates in writing as well. 


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