Do you have a slow draining tub or sink?

Tub: To fix your tub unscrew the knob on top of the drain. Then use a flat head screwdriver to undo the drain.  You may need an allen key to undo the screw below the drain plug. Then pull out the drain and all the hair that gets caught in  the drain assembly.  Clean the drain assembly and then put the plug back in and tighten gently with your screwdriver.   

Sink:  Hair usually gets caught in the stopper of your vanity sink.  Under your sink there is a nut in the back that connects the lifting rod to the stopper. Unscrew that nut, pull the lifting rod out and pull the stopper out of your sink. This typically is where hair will collect.  Remove all the hair and replace the stopper.  Make sure the lifting rod operates  the stopper and then do up the nut. Hand tight is usually best. Check for leaks under your sink.  

With these two easy steps your sink and tub should drain a lot better. If not give Paul at PMC Plumbing a call and we will help you out!

Call or text 587-583-5495


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