We are pleased to have this blog post contributed by Matthew Challen! There are lots of amazing ideas on the horizon for 2020 Bathrooms! Enjoy!

 Biophilic Design

  • If you love the outdoors and keeping in touch with nature this Biophilic design trend for 2020 will be right up your alley! 
  • Biophilic Design brings nature to the inside of your home. 
  • Natural occurring colour scheme (greens, pinks, reds, browns are just a few of the colours to choose from) 
  • This bathroom trend creates a calmer spa like feeling by integrating plants, and nature into your design. 
  • Common trends include: a full wall of greenery, floral and palm wallpaper, natural occurring stone backsplash and tile and natural wood accents and counter tops. Sleek lines and natural light. Adding a skylight and big windows to your bathra oom and light on a dimmer switch adds to the feel of being in nature. Stand alone tubs with modern dark taps and rain shower heads.
  • Stone In-lay on the floors to give a natural rainforest vibe 
  • Built in floor level bathtubs 

 Minimalistic Design

  • Glass wall open showers with high end modern black, oil rubbed bronze and copper coloured fixtures 
  • Stand alone tubs 
  • Black and white themes or copper and white themes are very popular colours for this Trend. 

On Trend Colours for 2020 Bathrooms 

  • According to the Milan Design show the on trend colours for 2020 will be accents of champagne, deep yellows and orangey reds.
  • Tips for acquiring these trendy colours, accent towels, decor, for a lighter touch if you want to, go with bold accent walls and tile backsplashe , also champagne coloured fixtures

Timeless bathroom designs 

  • Marble counter tops or flooring provide a sleek upscale look to any bathroom 
  • Subway tile, backsplash and showers. Subway tiles can also make a great accent wall with bold colour yet a classic look.

Small Bathrooms and powder rooms need love too 

  • Wallpaper is super in for small bathrooms these days it’s a great  way to make a small space come to life 
  • Tile room floor to sealing 
  • Since it is a small space you can use more luxurious products. Marble is always a great choice, granite or Quartz countertops.
  • Stained hardwood on the ceiling is a big trend for 2020 
  • Floating toilets and cabinetry to make the space appear bigger. Floor to sealing built-in cabinets to provide optimal storage in a small space 
  • Sinks made of concrete or other naturally occurring stone. 
  • Console style vanity’s great for small spaces 

Cement tiles: 

  • Cement tiles are a fun way to create a feature wall in a shower or a really cool accent flooring design. They come in every colour and design imaginable

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